5 tips if you go for a colorful eyeliner

April 23, 2017 / Beauty

5 tips if you go for a colorful eyeliner

First thing to say my ladies - be careful with this kind of colour-game, you don’t want to end up looking as a disco ball. But, if done right, this kind of make-up could bring you the well-deserved attention and create some mystery around you. Is it like art? It certainly is, you just need to be creative, and to use some powerful tips in order to do it right. L'Oréal actually gave us the glamorous tools to do so. No need to wait, just join us who already did it and #gopaintyourself.

1. First Step

You need to choose colour, no matter how dramatic or vibrant it is, it just needs to match your eye-colour. Naturally, I've chosen this purple one, as it highlights even more the green colour of my eyes. The product I used: Infallible Gel Crayon colour no. 11 Purple Rain. If you have hazel eyes, maybe you should try something like golden shades of brown, or olive green-it gives sophisticated impression and gives your eyes some sparkling look.

2. The art of eye-lining

Once when the colour has been chosen, you have to pay attention to the correct, precise eye-lining, no matter if it is artistic, dramatic or subtle look that you want to achieve. Lines have to be drawn elegantly and symmetrically, try to avoid looking weird and stained. You take control over your make up by using good, high quality pencil. Give some time to either a pencil or eyeliner to dry (some patience needed here).

3. Eye Painting

I just love this part. When you have the eye definition done, you can play with colours within it. I was thrilled to discover L’Oréal’s new Infallible Eye Paint Collection. Beautiful, saturated colours of this collection have some glitter inside which gives the perfect accent to the eye-look. Make your choice, apply it and the magic happens!

4. Keep it simple

If you are going for a colourful eyeliner and highlighting your eyes this way, try to choose something gentle for the lips, as you want to give the space and momentum to the eyes. People need to see them and not to get distracted by to many colours on the other parts of face (lips and cheeks). For example, I had this natural, nude colour on my lips, so this is how you can combine it.

5. Feel good about your choice

You did it. You’ve successfully applied your colourful eyeliner-all you have to do after these four steps is to “wear” the colours with confidence. Being noticed and outstanding never was easy, especially when you create some kind of statement within your look. So, now it is literally time to shine and have some fun.

Don’t be afraid to experiment, try something new, give yourself a bit of freedom and allow some extravagancy to come out.  After all, glamour has many faces. And colours. It's is time #gopaintyourself!



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