June 15, 2016 / Stereotypes


There’s a lot of debate on the referendum in June. Wild speculations about what’s going to happen with the UK depending on the outcome. Travelers to and from the UK , though, won’t feel a difference: there’s the odd Non-Schengen terminal experience with the passport checks prior to the flight and again at the gate which happens to be the most remote in many airports. When I take an early or late flight the nuisance is even multiplied since I have to get up much earlier and will arrive much later than usual. Have you ever tried to bypass the queue using the e-gates at Heathrow? It’s like a lottery game since the gates seem to work or not work any other moment. If your passport is declined more than a few times, you’re send to the regular queue like a piece of cattle. I like when electronic devices work perfectly and I don’t want to know why they do and why they don’t. Traveling by plane has not become more convenient since the introduction of the paperless ticket and online check in possibilities, airports getting increasingly crowdy. Same as lounges. The referendum outcome won’t have an impact on that and they will stick to the Pound Sterling anyway.


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Stunning article, I have been reading a lot of blogs lately but yours is the most interesting. Cannot wait to read more articles from you!


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