Bucherer's Daily Treasures

August 21, 2017 / Fashion

Bucherer's Daily Treasures

Jewels and girls - an everlasting story

There is a story we all know. It is a story about jewels and girls - an everlasting one since ancient times. They say that "Diamonds are forever" and I say - Definitely, they so are! No matter how we feel, with those precious, shiny, sophisticated pieces called jewels on our skin, it all gets better! Knowing that, each girl should put favorite jewels, a good lipstick, nice dress and conquer the world! I want to take you to a Bucherer jewels fairy tale and my favorite pieces...so let's have a journey!

A story of Bucherer

Founded back in 1888, Bucherer has a long tradition of a family owned company. Selling high quality diamond jewels and watches, Bucherer is known for wide choice of rare, beautiful stones, pearls and watches. Diamond experts stand behind these fabulous items and each item has a unique path from production to the store. So lovely and beautiful, Bucherer jewels stole my heart!

Bucherer Daily Treasures Collection - My Choice

How thrilled I was when invited to do a shooting for my choice of Jewels from Bucherer's Daily Treasures Collection! It was such an honor, especially having in mind that I indeed love high quality jewels and that I have certain knowledge on this luxury topic. There was just one situation - I couldn't decide so easily which ones I prefer as they all are such marvelous and stunning! Difficult decision, but I made up my mind for those astonishing ones:

Heart shaped sapphires

I couldn't resist to these jewels. Necklace and bracelet with natural-colored sapphires and spinels are indeed rare, very precious and absolutely divine! Sophisticated natural shades and contrasts of stones in combination with red and white gold make an outstanding impression for everyone looking at these pieces of jewels. Looking gorgeous on the skin, don't you think so?

You'll find more on www.bucherer.com

Dostinja wearing heart shaped sapphires Daily Treasures Bucherer Bracelet: 18K rose gold, 5 sapphires heart cut total 2.89 ct. More on www.bucherer.com
Dostinja wearing heart shaped sapphires Daily Treasures collection by Bucherer 18K rose gold, 8 sapphires heart cut total 4.56 ct., 8 diamonds brilliant cut total 0.27 ct. More on www.bucherer.com.
Dostinja wearing heart shaped sapphires Daily Treasures collection by Bucherer Isn't it a lovely combination? Find more jewels on www.bucherer.com

Gold jewels - The Magic of Flowers

Gold never goes out of trend! As the matter of fact, gold is trend itself since many centuries. It is beautiful, it looks powerful and it is like a chameleon which adapts to any situation and combination. Here is a combination which I find glamorous and perfectly designed: golden rings, earrings and a triple bracelet. So fragile, but yet so strong, gold is playing different roles on the skin.

You'll find more on www.bucherer.com

Gold jewels 18K rose gold ring and bangle. More on www.bucherer.com
Dostinja wearing daily treasures collections by bucherer.com More on www.bucherer.com


As Jackie Kennedy once said, "Pearls are always appropriate". No mistake can be made if you go for nice pearls in combination with simple, but yet sophisticated outfit as this icon of style used to do. Treasures of the sea, classics of the fashion, pearls established their place long time ago. Well, Bucherer has magnificent collection of pearls to offer to all the ladies who agree with Jackie. I certainly do. Here it is: an astonishing bracelet made of pearls. It is so beautiful, elegant and amazingly gentle on the skin. If you pair it with a pearl ring as I did, it looks very nice together.

You'll find more on www.bucherer.com

Bangle: 18K rose gold, 32 cultured pearls Akoya, 21 diamonds brilliant cut total 0.19 ct. More on www.bucherer.com. Sometimes a little more is exactly what is called for. Bangle: 18K rose gold, 32 cultured pearls Akoya, 21 diamonds brilliant cut total 0.19 ct. More on www.bucherer.com.


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