Entrepreneurship - are you ready for it?

April 26, 2017 / Fashion

Entrepreneurship - are you ready for it?

Being an entrepreneur sounds very desirable and even fashionable lately. There is a certain trend which is encouraging more and more people to try themselves in this risky area. But have you ever wondered what does it really mean? What are the sacrifices and loses that you have to be ready to accept until you reach that golden point when you actually start making money? And even more, when you could say that you are affording yourself a good life from a business that you’ve started and developed? All by your own. By your ideas, inspiration and above everything, by your hard work.

Do not get me wrong. I’m not trying to discourage anyone from believing in themselves or giving a try to some brilliant idea they have always been thinking of. I just think that very important part of entrepreneurship is preparation and clear understanding of all aspects. This is a little guide which came from my experience and the path which I had to walk through on this exciting journey of entrepreneurship.

1. Not only believing in yourself but also backing it up with an adequate education

I know that everyone says that the first rule is to believe in yourself but I allowed myself to extend it a bit. Everyone can believe in him/herself, but if you do not educate yourself in the field that you want to step in, you are on the right way to lose that faith. Research, research, research! Take your time to deep-dive into the relevant subject, meet demand and think of the best options how to meet it.

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2. Letting your creativity speak

Once when you have done your research and learnt as much as you could, it is time to release your creativity. Think about the motivation which leads you and try to manifest it through solutions that you want to offer. No matter if it is a product or the service that you want to develop, offer or invent, you should think of it as of a solution that is the answer to a specific need.  What are the situations when your product/service is consumed or needed? What would you improve in existing ones? How would you distinguish yourself from the others? What is the uniqueness of your product/service? What makes you different? Ask yourself all of those questions and think of not only good but the best answers. Only after that you’ll know if it’s worth it or not.

Trust me, I know how tough these questions are. When I started my blog two years ago, I had no idea how to answer to all these questions but the more time I spent in this industry the clearer my idea became of where and how to position myself. This is one of my favourites quotes, when someone asks me: what makes your blog so different:

„I want to be different. Just like all the other different people I want to be like. I want to be just like all the different people and assert my individuality along with others who are different like me.“

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3. Communicating and targeting

Now when you have the answers. You have done the “What „part. Here it comes the “To whom” part. It is crucial to understand who is your target audience, who are you speaking to. Create a meaningful, power message that will reach your target and explain in a best way what is your product or service about, and how valuable it is. They say that “Communication is the key”, and I can’t agree more with this one.

4. Fighting for your idea

You didn’t come this far so that you could just quit. Actually, you shouldn’t do it at all. Now comes the part which is deciding who becomes a real, successful entrepreneur and who quits after fist barrier. Yes, it is hard. And yes, you have bad moments when you ask yourself why did you even start something like that. But, hey, it is completely normal and you should walk that path through. Even after many denials, difficult negotiations and long talks when you try to convince people that you have something really good and special, there would be the next opportunity. And guess what? One of them will pay-off. One of them will be the game changer. And you will use it and prove to yourself and to the others that you had a gut to be patient, persistent and worth believing in.

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5. Taking credit and living your dream

Your story of entrepreneurship made you strong. Even better, you made it. Now, you get the chance to claim “Im the boss”, and even wear it all around (xoxox), like I did with this super cool T-Shirt. After a while, you will find yourself as a person who is being invited to many places, events and surrounded by lots of people, but, stay wise, choose carefully, help appropriately and be ready to say sometimes “Sorry Im late, I didnt want to come” (kidding, of course, but really guys, it’s ok not to appear on every single occasion that you are invited to).

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