Beauty Products for Summer 2017

May 28, 2017 / Beauty

Beauty Products for Summer 2017

Darlings, Summer 2017 is coming! Faster then we think, we will find ourselves on the beach, in summer outfits, but how confident shall we be? How satisfied with our looks? I suggest worrying about that before the moment comes. So, here is my preparation strategy, and my favourite beauty products for Summer 2017!

What are my favourite beauty products for Summer 2017?

Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Cushion Compact

When you have your skin cleaned and taken care of, now comes the foundation part. I discovered such a nice product of this type-Bobi Brown Skin Foundation Cushion Compact. It has some special glow-boosting coverage which looks totally natural on the skin, like no makeup feel with just a few dabs. There are 9 shades of this foundation, so you just have to choose a proper one for your skin type. Having a SPF integrated, it also protects the skin. A place for this foundation on my favourite beauty products for summer 2017 is completely logical.

Christian Dior Perfume Homme Intense

Christian Dior Perfume Homme Intense is another perfume on My favourite beauty products for Summer 2017  list, but, I just have to put it here. It is well deserved, believe me. A small tip, this is more an option for people who like something heavier for the evenings. Even though it is more a winter perfume, I love to use it for summer as well as the fragrance is so nice, lasting and suits me perfectly. Dior always brings some prestige and sophistication and what more could a girl want for successful start of the evening?

L’OCCITANE Terre de Lumiére Perfume

I have already written about L'occitane Terre de Lumiére Perfume in one of my previous articles, but this perfume is indeed something special. It is actually summer perfume which will give you the impression of living a fairy-tale in your everyday activities! After all, it has an origin from Provence, and we all know that Provence is the synonym for beauty in each segment of life. Make great memories with a nice perfume on your skin, as they will last longer and will be brighter when you look back one day.

Skin 689 - Cellulite and skin firming innovation Made in Switzerland

Skin 689 collection definitely deserves a place on the list! Anti-Cellulite cream (let's be honest, we all need, at least as a prevention) together with firm skin cream and face mask are absolutely mandatory and the effect is unbelievable! Cellulite is the enemy of a modern-age woman, so let's fight back.

beauty products for summer 2017 Skin689 Skin 689 - Cellulite and skin firming innovation Made in Switzerland

Barbor Lifting Cellular

Can we use a bit of magic to look fresh? Definitely yes, in a form of incredible Barbor Lifting Cellular. It is a serum which gives that smooth touch to the face skin, making it look perfect! Results are noticeable after just few days of continuous usage. Ideal solution, don't you think so?

La Biosthetique Hydrating Spa Fluid

Beautiful hair is the ultimate sign of femininity, so it deserves to be treated right. No summer look includes bad hair, so be careful here. Luckily, I have a suggestion for this situation as well. It is La Biosthetique Hydrating Spa Fluid, an emulsion which strengthens long hair, protects it and makes it soft. Not to mention shinny look which it brings! The moment I used this fluid for the first time I knew it: my hair will be ready for summer days and nights.

beauty products for summer 2017 La biosthetique barbor La Biosthetique Hydrating Spa Fluid & Barbor Lifting Cellular

Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Waterproof Liner

As we all know, when summer comes, the weather becomes hot, and there might be a slight risk of make-up being spoiled. So, what do about that? Here is an answer: to find good, high quality waterproof products which prevent such kind of situation. No worries, I have one just stunning product for mentioned purpose. It is a Long-Wear Waterproof Liner from Bobbi Brown. Another useful product coming from this innovative cosmetics house, and let me tell you, it really helps. Additional, it is long-lasting kind of liner, so you do not have to worry about that part-it will stay one during whole day.

beauty products for summer 2017 Essie nail polish Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Waterproof Liner

Essie Nail Polish

A lady should always have beautiful nails, and that's a fact. Choosing Nail Polish is usually fun activity, but when it comes to finding favourite one, things get bit more serious. Essie offers a wide palette of colours and shades, the only issue one might have is deciding which ones to take out of many incredibly beautiful options! I really couldn't make up my mind for just one colour, so I chosed 4 of them: flawless, prima bella, pure chiffon, chastity. Go to Essie website, find your favourites, and let me know what you went for.

beauty products for summer 2017 Essie nail polish Essie Nail Polish

TanOrganic Self Tanning Argan Oil

If you ask me, winter was pretty long and obviously we didn't have much time to get tanned. We still want to have that nice skin shade which allow us to wear summer clothes and not look like a ghosts! No worries guys, I found solution to this issue as well and I`m totally excited about how simple and applicable it is. Here it is:  Organic Self-Tan Oil from Tan Organic. Made only from natural ingredients, easy to apply and with no shades remaining on the cloths after using it, this is a perfect solution. Try it out and you'll see what I was talking about.

beauty products for summer 2017 Oil Arganic natural oil TanOrganic Self Tanning Argan Oil


Have you ever tried out some of the products from incredibly successful duo collaboration, Victoria Beckham x Estée Lauder? I've wrote about my amazing experience while trying out VB x Estée Lauder collection, which I really recommend to everyone. No surprise that one of their products is in my favourites list: VB x Estée Lauder Morning Aura Illuminating Creme. Let me tell you, illuminating creams are something indeed innovative in the world of cosmetics and make-up. They give such a sophisticated and gentle look to the face skin, it is literally unbelievable effect which one gets! Especially if using it on regular basis, you will notice the difference and see how helpful those creams are.

MAC – Lip scrub

Soft and fabulous lips are something each girl strives for. Still, taking care about the lips is often forgotten, which is the greatest mistake. After all, it is not enough if you just put a lipstick on, more important is that lips look nice even without it! I've found an amazingly effective product to help in lip-care-M·A·C Lip Scrubtious by Mac Cosmetics. Pucker up to totally smooth lips with this new sugar-based exfoliator, which gently buffs away dry and flaky skin with a formula enhanced by hydrating and nourishing conditioners leaving lips soft and oh-so-smoochable. You can find Lip Scrubtious in Mac Stores or order online at

Novexpert Serum Booster

Novoexpert Serum Booster is a special kind off face and neck care. It has hyaluronic acid which helps in filling wrinkles. Serum Booster smooth out tired skin and gives it moisturizing effect. Just a few drops of Novoexpert Serum Booster in the morning and evening and you will see how stunning skin becomes. You should put it before cream in order to get the best results and be persistent. Proper care asks for some discipline.

beauty products for summer 2017 Novoexpert Mac Lip Scrub Novexpert Serum Booster & MAC Lip Scrub.

Well, that's it guys. I am really thrilled about upcoming summer season and I am sure that you are as well. While making plans for summer nights and vacations that are ahead of us, do not forget to stop and take some time for body and face care. This was my little guide or maybe suggestions which I believe to be helpful. If you go for trying some of the products form My favourite beauty products for Summer 2017 list, let me know how did you like it and share with me your impressions. Wish you all a healthy preparation for a beautiful summer season and lot of memories to be shared later on.



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