Minas Jewellery - Famous Greek Jeweller

June 02, 2017 / Fashion

Minas Jewellery - Famous Greek Jeweller

Minas Jewellery - The Story

A friend told me about a place I had to visit when I was in Greece a little while ago - Minas Jewellery. I'm a big fan of jewellery – I wear some form of it almost every day! In spite of that, I had never heard of Minas before she told me about them. However, they have been incredibly popular in the country for quite some time, and I can truly see why.

The first store was opened in Mykonos 1998 and immediately became a hit, allowing a flagship location to open its doors in Athens just 7 years later. Since then, Minas has apparently been a huge deal for the Greeks. So much so that Minas, which is also the name of the shop’s founder, gifted Mykonos with a new design to renovate the city’s famous promenade.

I fell in love with his work when I went to visit one of their stores. Bracelets, pendants, earrings – they are all so elegant and lovingly designed. I couldn't decide myself what I liked the most! And it is no surprise, as one could see fabulous and stunning jewellery everywhere. To understand better why I feel this way, you can take a look at some of my favourite Minas items in a Halloween post I did back in October, when I collaborated with them. When you look carefully you can tell that Greek style is integrated subtly and divinely in each piece of jewels. But, after all, aren't Greeks one of the first masters of jewellery art from ancient times?

Minas Jewellery store opened in London

I can't even tell you how excited I am about the fact that as of last year the Minas Jewellery has a store based not far from me in Knightsbridge, London. So, luckily for me, although not so much for my wallet, I don’t have to go as far as Athens or Mykonos next time I want to browse some of Minas’ amazing work. It is well worth visiting, especially in the run-up to Christmas if you have friends who love jewellery. Girls and jewels - it is not a myth, there definitely has to be some special connection since from the ancient times. And Greeks know it right.


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