Montenegro - Wild beauty of the Mediterranean

August 16, 2017 / Lifestyle

Montenegro - Wild beauty of the Mediterranean

There are many reasons why I decided to take a week off and come to Montenegro. First of all, my parents moved back here few months ago. Regarding myself, I haven't been here for 7 years. Seems like a long time, doesn't it? Well, let me tell you that I was so surprised when I saw how much Montenegro changed since my last time here! Completely different type of people started coming: from British to Asians and Russians. It was very interesting seeing all of them in Montenegro, but it took some time to get used to it.

Another thing changed: so many newly built places! For instance, Porto Montenegro! It didn't existed 7 years ago, and now you have completely new luxury neighborhood! Budva- it has always been fun and modern city but nowadays it changed so much that I couldn't believe how crowded it became. All those new buildings, houses, bars and clubs – it looks like a desired place to come and be seen. From the first day here, I concluded something: this was going to be a real adventure of reconnection with beautiful Montenegro. My heart was full of joy seeing my parents and walking down the places I used to love. Coming here was such a good decision and I wanted to share my excitement about Montenegro with you and show you some places.

Get to know Montenegro

A wild beauty! The pearl of the Mediterranean, unique in so many ways, Montenegro is situated in the south of the Adriatic. Nowhere else can you find so much natural beauty, mild beaches, clear lakes, fast rivers, and gorgeous mountains in such a compact area as here. In the morning you can wake up along the beautiful Adriatic coast, have lunch on the banks of Skadar Lake, and enjoy an evening walk in the Montenegrin mountains. Montenegro cannot leave you indifferent. It has so much to offer and it will take your heart forever. But, fear not! Montenegro will give you so much in return.

Amazing places to visit in Montenegro

It is not just about what you can see when you travel somewhere, it is also about experiences that you live through. Each time when in Montenegro, I am experiencing something different, something new. In spite of being known for its wild beauty, Montenegro also has so many sophisticated places to offer. Here are some of them:


Located between brooding mountains and a moody corner of the bay, the achingly atmospheric Kotor is incredibly charming. Old town of Kotor is a medieval maze of museums, churches, cafe-strewn squares and Venetian palaces and pillories. It’s a dramatic and delightful place where the past coexists with the present; its cobblestones ring with the sound of children racing to school in centuries-old buildings, lines of laundry flutter from wrought-iron balconies, and hundreds of cats – the descendants of seafaring felines – loll in marble laneways.

Come nightfall, Kotor’s spectacularly lit-up walls glow as serenely as a halo; behind the bulwarks, the streets buzz with bars, live music – from soul to serenades – and castle-top clubbing. Actually, disco club Maximus is a star of nightlife in Kotor.

Sveti Stefan

 "It's just as if I have returned to town from the most beautiful fairy tale of my childhood" - Sofia Loren

Sveti Stefan is the jewel in the Budva Riviera’s (already adorned) crown. It's got everything: illustrious history, celebrity sighting and stunning beauty. It’s one of the must-see sights on the Riviera. The island belongs to Aman Resorts and is closed for the public, but even one sight to this place makes you want to have your own fairy tale here. This area of the coastline is so beautiful, the royal family Karađorđević made their summer home here in 1934. Two of the pink sand beaches are even named King’s Beach and Queen’s Beach because of their spectacular westward facing location, where kings and queens once watched the orange sun dip into the sea as it set.


Admit it or not, everyone is asking for fun for vacation! And Budva is just the right place! It has so many discos, bars and pubs that one will probably end up thinking which one to choose. And there will be no mistake - fun is literally every way around. But, nevertheless, Budva also has its artistic side and beautiful Old City with lot of summer theatre shows, exhibitions and open galleries. Combination of wild partying and soul peace, it is up to you to decide which one to enjoy, or why not, combine! If you decide to party a bit during your vacation, Top Hill club is a must! Lot of famous DJs and regional stars are often in charge for making good atmosphere, so give it a try.

Porto Montenegro

When you arrive at Tivat, just look for a sign with Porto Montenegro on it and couple of minutes from that point you will arrive at the magnificent place itself - Porto Montenegro. Luxury packaged in a beautiful Mediterranean style, Porto Montenegro is today one of the most prestigious marina on the Adriatic Sea. Porto Montenegro was primary made for superyachts and billionaires who would have one new destination to enjoy a peaceful atmosphere and great nature. Today, Porto Montenegro is a major tourist attraction in Montenegro for everyone. You will enjoy the affordable prices of food and drinks, with a view to the most luxurious yachts. Definitely worth seeing, as a completely new face of this wild beauty called Montenegro. Actually, I decided to stay here during my time in Montenegro.

The hotel where I stayed at, astonishing Regent Porto Montenegro, was definitely such a perfect choice! It has everything: wonderful surroundings, delicious food served in restaurant and amazing spa. What one could wish more?

Here I have few more perfect places to describe. I had lunch in Restoran Sidro, located in Tivat, with amazing Serbian food. I guess that you already know how much I like Cevapi, Lepinje, Kajmak and Ajvar - traditional domestic food.  And for all of you who prefer fish and sea food during your stay at the seaside, I have just a right place: restaurant Mala Barka. Fresh fish and seafood directly taken from Adriatic see, with a sparkle of Mediterranean spices make you feel in love with dishes served!


Beaches near Porto Montenegro

Beautiful and fun beaches. With good music in background, Adriatic vibe and amazing sunsets - it looks like a perfect set for a summer film.

Ribarsko selo beach is unique experience which I loved to much! Not only beautiful, but also adventurous, visiting Ribarsko selo is a great way of spending day and experiencing Montenegro. I went for a dive here - a shipwreck from ex-Yugoslavia and it was indeed something different and worth remembering. I also enjoyed amazing, fresh fish and organic salads which are so nicely prepared. Ribarsko selo has a specific desert - famous Nutella soup! Could not resist it, it's above delicious!

Almara Beach - a famous beach club in Montenegro. Fabulous beach with lounge and cool but loud music, this is an excellent choice for people who prefer day parties and for trendy people who like to be seen around.

As you can tell from the places which I described, Montenegro indeed does have a lot to offer. Luxury hotels or cute houses in old city that almost each town has, it is up on you to decide. Pack your suitcases and live through an adventure called Montenegro.



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