Le Masque - The finest face masks

October 09, 2017 / Beauty

Le Masque - The finest face masks

Face - Mirror of our inner self

Our skin is affected by so many factors, including environment, food we eat, sleep that we have (or sometimes- don't have), lifestyle we stand for and so much more. Naturally, face reflects our condition, both physical and emotional. The least we can do is pamper it right, on a regular basis and with great attention. Taking proper time to discover what suits your face skin and how it should be treated is extremely important. By doing it, you make sure that your face looks clean, stunning and simply adorable. Face masks help our skin to breathe, they feed it with necessary ingredients and they are calming skin when needed.

Face care - Proper face mask always helps

I regularly devote some time for face care: even when tired and do not feel like doing it. When I take a look at the mirror I do see the effects. Especially when traveling, it literally saves me from a tired and exhausted look. Now, how do I choose a face mask? Obviously, we all start with questions like, “what is your skin type?” and “what are your skin care goals?” And then goes: "which product to use?" Doing a proper research and getting familiar with ingredients and quality of products that we use is crucial, and yet often taken for granted, which shouldn't be the case. If you read my article Beauty products for Summer 2017, you know that I take this question very seriously. It is not a surprise that I discovered the perfect face masks.

Le Masque - Bio-cellulose masks made in Switzerland

Here they are: Le Masque face masks of the highest quality, with winning combination of nourishing ingredients. As we get older (or let's say better, like wine), we are becoming aware of consequences of our actions. Yes, we want to have fun, and yes, we live fast and constantly fighting with chaos, but: no excuses! The look must not suffer! That's why we have our allies in this fight, and Le Masque bio-cellulose masks are the best ally of our face skin. The bio-cellulose sheets are 100% natural; they are made through  biotechnological fermentation of coconut water and the mask fits like a second skin, adjusting to every curve and contour on the face. I tried out all of these fine masks. Which one to use definitely depends on the effect you want to achieve. But, here is what I did.

Le Masque Switzerland Facial Mask Dostinja Tomovic

Hydrating facemasks

Hydrating skin is an indeed important habit- we need to have a skill to recognize when our skin needs help. When I felt like my skin looks bit dry, I used Le Masque Hydrating and Revitalizing Mask and I just loved results. Bio-cellulose drove to immediate effect and long-lasting smooth impression and fresh look.

Anti-aging ally

Now, we have to face it: time goes by. Nothing to worry about, as we can't change it, but there is a lot we can do to for our health and look in each stage of life and during time which we have. A winner here: Le Masque Firming and anti-aging facemask. This super useful mask reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, making skin look younger. Each lady deserves a little help in this field, so give it a try and take a look in the mirror. Divine, isn't it?

Dark spots - we fight back

Different shades on our face sometimes can irritate us. Dark spots, discolorations and other imperfections are completely normal, and everyone has it. At the same time, there is something we can do to remove them: putting Le Masque dark spot and brightening facemask on. It diminishes theirs appearance and face skin looks perfect.

Time for eyes care

They say that eyes represent someone's soul and that eye-contact tells everything about a person. True or false, we do not want our eyes to indicate tired and sad state of mind, but mysterious and not easily read one. I really like to relax my eyes, nourish them and avoid dark circles that can occur. Eyes area is delicate and gentle but easily recovered with right methods. I tried out Le Masque cooling and lifting eye mask and it immediately became a part of my eye-care routine. No lines and dark circles, and no tired look at all!

The day after summer vacation

We came back from holidays, sun and fun, but what now? Now is the time for taking care of the skin, after all what it has been exposed to. I calmed and treated my skin with Le Masque Calming and After Sun mask, and it has been such a useful pleasure doing it. How do you recover your skin after holidays?

Girls, we are allowed to travel, have fun and go out: actually we are allowed to do anything we want. But, let's not forget that our skin feels it all. How we treat our skin is how it will come back to us in some time, so let's be smart while being beautiful. Let's take care of ourselves. It doesn't take much to take our favorite face masks with us, anywhere we go.

Le Masque Switzerland Facial Mask Dostinja Tomovic
Le Masque Switzerland Facial Mask Dostinja Tomovic

TAGS: Face/ Mask/ Skin/ switzerl


TAGS: Face/ Mask/ Skin/ switzerl

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