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London has forced me, in many ways, to live differently than I did in Switzerland. One particular way that I have had to adjust my lifestyle is in my fashion choices.

Back in Switzerland, I would only wear the most glamorous items in my wardrobe. High heels would always be my footwear of choice and I would settle for nothing less than perfection with my hair – even when I was just travelling on public transport! Switzerland, however, had a far different climate to London. The infamously unpredictable (and infamously terrible) weather means I have had to stock my wardrobe with more coats, umbrellas and hats. Most days, these are the items I now build my outfit around. What is practical is my main concern, rather than what is fashionable.

You would rarely see me in high heels in the daytime anymore either. After all, they are not exactly the easiest footwear if you need to dash for cover from one of England’s all-too-frequent rainstorms. Also given the fact that London is a much bigger city than Zurich or Geneva, comfortable shoes have replaced heels as one of the most important parts of my wardrobe.

As for the hair and make-up, well, we all know what happens to that if we get caught in a rainstorm. It is futile to spend hours perfecting every eyelash and every strand of hair when, as soon as you step out the door, a gust of wind or downfall of rain could ruin it in just a second. It has become far simpler to let myself look more natural now I am living in London.

The only exception to this is when I go out of an evening. The bustling, energetic London nightlife makes for the perfect opportunity to dig out those glamorous dresses and high heels again. Whether it is a dinner party or a nightclub, I tend to dress up properly for these special occasions.

London Street Style Coat Boots Dostinja Tomovic5
London Street Style Coat Boots Dostinja Tomovic


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Very interesting article. That s why i think london is magical. You never sure about the weather and you always need to be prepared for any condition. And the good thing is that london give you the possibility to create your own style.




That s such a good combination. Great style and look. Very nice bag and outfit.


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