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What’s the one word that comes to your mind when you talk about the Victoria Beckham’s and Estée Lauder’s makeup collaboration? PERFECTION.

As a huge fan of Victoria Beckham, I was extremely excited to kick off London Fashion Week with the visit to her shop. During my exotic makeup journey, I fortunately met Alan Pan, Estée Lauder's International Make-up Artist. Pan is an incredibly engaging and delightfully chatty person, but what lies beneath his amazing personality is a depth of knowledge that knows no boundaries. What can be better than getting tricks and tips directly from a makeup guru?  Well, getting it from a guru as erudite as Alan Pan.

The fashion frenzy of London Fashion Week combined with incredible learning about makeup is one thing I cherish. I was magically teleported to the world full of glittery eye palettes, velvety nudes and audacious bronzers. Alan Pan showed me several options of how to use the Victoria Beckham x Estée Lauder Makeup Collection and here is my take on it.

Victoria Beckham brings the most sophisticated and carefully orchestrated launch to the Estée Lauder’s table. I have cherry-picked my favourites for this review: the London Look, Morning Aura Illuminating Creme and Modern Mercury shimmering highlighter.

Victoria_Beckham_Estée Lauder_Make-Up Collection_Review23


What I received as part of London Look:

  • Eye Kajal Duo in Black Saffron/Vanille
  • Eye Ink in Black Myrrh
  • Eye Foil in Blonde Gold
  • Eye Metals Eyeshadow in Bitter Clove
  • Lipstick in Nude Spice

It comes in a luxurious black box if you get it directly from Estée Lauder. I personally love the packaging that comes in exotic black and gold. All the powdered products are packed in a leather-looking compact that is very edgy.

The eye metal eye shadow in bitter clove is my ultimate go-to product for a classy night out. You can dab on this deep molten bronze to create an ultimate chic look. It melts into your screen and has a very fine finish. If you are a fan of smoky and loud eyes, this one is for you.

Victoria_Beckham_Estée Lauder_Make-Up Collection_Review23

I personally like the fact that it is highly pigmented, so a little would go a long way. I recommend using it in combination with your favourite eye shadow.

The Eye Kajal Duo is a winner. I love the idea of having these two drastic shades together for every makeup look. It’s an ultimate keeper for traveling. Because it is highly pigmented, a little would go a long way.

Eye Foil in blond gold is something that I was intensely looking forward to. The shimmery coat for eyes is a classic bling to carry on special occasions. The blending is super easy and feels light on your eyes.

The “Nude Spice” lipstick has an ultimately creamy formula. The color has the kind of undertone that looks great on pale skin, but will work on olive tone too.


This one is a keeper. The killer highlight is a definite must have. With most intense and high shine pigment, it will shine up your occasions and night outs. From the weighty, luxe packaging to the delicately embossed texture, everything is drool-worthy.

Victoria_Beckham_Estée Lauder_Make-Up Collection_Review4
Victoria_Beckham_Estée Lauder_Make-Up Collection_Review4



Skipping a foundation in favor of universal illuminator was a very strategic step. The Morning Aura has been an instant success. Combining moisturizer and primer into one, it creates a beautiful look that instantly freshens up your skin. The packaging comes in glorious gold to give it an elegant appearance.

Victoria_Beckham_Estée Lauder_Make-Up Collection_Review4
Victoria_Beckham_Estée Lauder_Make-Up Collection_Review23



Victoria_Beckham_Estée Lauder_Make-Up Collection_Review23
Victoria_Beckham_Estée Lauder_Make-Up Collection_Review23


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